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Aug 29 2017

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Arts Culture

Have you been interested in how humans and societies interact with each other from a perspective of race, ethnicity, gender and nationality? Does the intersection of arts, culture and the world stimulate you to think critically? UNM prides itself on its diversity and by majoring in an arts and culture area, you will emerge with a dynamic mindset of inquiry to delve deeper into these topic areas.

Business, Finance Economics

Do you want to be your own boss and lead a company? Do you dream of managing large sums of money and providing financial advice? The economy is in need of individuals who desire to provide leadership, consulting to businesses and/or government agencies.

Computing Cyberspace

Do you have a knack for computers and the Internet? Are you interested in creating online systems and software? Do you live on the edge of technology and the 21st century?

Creative Expressions

Have you always liked to draw or paint? Do you enjoy playing music, or performing for audiences? Are you a writer, constantly brainstorming ideas for a new poem or novel?

Energy Environment

Do you want to learn more about solar, wind, and other alternative energy production? Do you enjoy the outdoors and care about its preservation? Would you like to learn about the impact of technology on the environment, or what energy production and distribution will look like in the future?

Engineering Mathematics

Do you like computers, smartphones, and other devices? Do you like to build and tinker with things? Do you have a head for patterns and numbers?

Exploratory Interdisciplinary

Are you interested in tackling the world s toughest challenges? Do you dream big? Do you think about making a lasting impact or bringing people together in the pursuit of important causes?

Humanities Languages

Do you think outside the box? Do you desire to develop creative problem-solving strategies regarding social, cultural, political issues? Well then, you have arrived at the perfect place.

Infrastructure, Construction Design

When you visit a new city, are you fascinated by the buildings and architecture? Or do you look at the landscaping first, or are you interested in the overall city structure? Do you like to work with your hands or lead a team to build a house, office building, or multi-story complex?

Law Social Justice

How do you achieve equality? Is there a way to close the income gap between the wealthy and the poor? Will world hunger ever end?

Life Sciences, Health Healthcare

Are you curious about the human body? Do you have an interest in helping people learn about their bodies and learn good healthcare habits? As one of the fastest growing careers, majoring in healthcare can provide an opportunity for a bright future through helping others.

Physical Sciences

Do you love learning about energy and motion? Did you have a chemistry set when you were a kid? Could you spend hours looking at planets, solar systems, and galaxies through a telescope?

Policy Politics

Do you like working with others, or in thinking about governments and political dynamics? Are you a leader of an organization or club, or are you interested in how people work together to solve problems? Are you fascinated by national or local politics?

Social Science Transformation

Do you often wonder what drives or motivates the people around you? Are you intrigued by personal, family, and cultural relationships? Or do you make sense of personal action in terms of its relation to public issues, societal dynamics, economic forces, or ideology?

Teaching Learning

Do you enjoy working with young people? Or have you always wanted to be a teacher? Do people say you have a way of explaining things, of making ideas easy to understand?

Technology Science

How do modern science and technology shape our world? Do you envision yourself developing information systems and technology to advance the world of science? Are you prepared to support the integration of technology and science to change society?

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